Luxury contemporary heritage brought to life





Luxury contemporary heritage brought to life



Project Includes:

Creative Direction

Web Design

Graphic Design

Project Details

The Challenge

Thotalagala needed me to create a data sheet and experiences brochure to send out to agents to upswell the benefits of the 19th century Tea Bungalow that was part of the Lipton Estate in Sri Lanka.

In the process I helped to further develop the brand palette, refining the heritage feel and better utilising imagery to convey the experience of a stay at Thotalagala. I utilised their beautiful stag asset in a better way and introduced a textural background to help reinforce the colonial heritage vibe that the property is trying to convey.

New Website Concept

New Website Concept

As part of the on-going brand development for Thotalagala I was asked to take a look at their website, scoping out a concept for a better format and design to present their property. For some of the UI elements I took my inspiration from the tags you used to get on a string attached to tea bags to help create that heritage look and feel. I also used a torn paper effect mask for images to make it feel more rustic and historic.

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances the web project never proceeded much further than a concept stage. Hoping to bring this one to life in the near future.