I’m Andy Doane, a multidisciplinary designer on a mission to create visual storytelling that delights.

About Me

I believe the key to delivering successful creativity is bringing stories to life with engaging visual experiences.

Creativity is more than just work, it’s my passion, utilising 16 years experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes. Together we overcome creative challenges, explore new ideas and create clarity through brand and digital design.

Who I help

No matter who you are, or what you do,  there is a story to be told that can transform your business. I want to help you achieve this visually; shaping the creative direction of the brand and connecting with your customers in ways that leave a lasting impression, inviting them to come on your ambitious journey and be a part of your story.

Why visual storytelling

Storytelling has been such a big part of how was as humans understand the world and our place in it. When done visually the effect it has to connect, engage and clarify is truly powerful.

My Process

No two projects are ever the same so my approach is simple; a three step process that get’s the best out of every project, enabling us to create some spectacular things together:

1. Discover

We cannot create solutions if we don’t understand the problems. The discovery phase is all about taking a deep dive; exploring who you and your customers are, identifying your requirements and the obstacles we need to overcome together.

We will strategise the 5W’s (Who, What, Where, When and Why) to identify opportunities; we will create a plan of action to achieve your goals and shape your brand story, bringing it to life.

2. Design

From the first glimpse of your logo, to the invoices you send; the crafted microcopy of a button to the users experience on your site; it has all been designed to perform and inform. Design defines the experience and understanding of who you are and what you offer.

By combing creativity with strategy and story from the discovery phase we can create beautiful, impactful designs that will engage your audience and connect with clarity.

3. Delight

It’s about delight in something that sparks fresh interest for your customers; creating a brand we love and are proud to have in the world; a brand people rave about and share with their friends and family; and ultimately as a business owner, achieving success in your ambitions, goals and beyond.

I want you to feel delight in what we have created together, in everything we have achieved. It’s this delight that makes me keep doing what I do every day.

What I Do & How

Turning Ideas into extraordinary experiences

Whether you are a start-up with an exciting new idea; a solopreneur looking to stand out from the crowd; or an existing business that needs some fresh creative to reinvigorate your purpose, I can help.

Specialising in branding, creative direction and web design, together we will identify, create and refine your presence, on and offline. Going beyond a checklist of service offerings, I will work with you to create the visual language, direction and identity to design impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Here is an idea of just some of the services I can offer:

Visual Identity

More than just a logo. Your visual identity is everything people see and experience. It’s the visual language that creates a cohesive identity.

Brand Development

Helping you to develop and refine your brands proposition, positioning and brand strategy, helping you achieve your goals.

Web, UX & UI Design

Designing digital experiences that create optimised journeys to help your users and customers find what they need from your digital presence.

Webflow Development

A visual development tool, Webflow allows me to design, build, and launch responsive, creative websites that conform to modern web standards.

Brand & Marketing Collateral

Creating all the resources and materials you need to communicate your brands message from brochures and literature to adverts to Point of Sale.

Creative Direction

Consultancy-led services that help you identify and resolve any creative obstacles. Partnering with you to refine and hone your brand.